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Finca Holidays on Mallorca

Your stylish holiday stay!

Finca Casa Nana consists of six double bedrooms (three en suite), 3 kitchens, 1 fireplace room, 3 living/dining rooms and two guest bathrooms.
On a total of 3 roofed terraces and two open terraces you can linger wonderfully.
The Finca Casa Nana is suitable for up to 12 persons, 4 persons each on the ground floor "Piso Sol", 4 persons on the upper floor "Piso Luna" and 4 persons in the guest house "Estrella".
The houses are completely furnished with high-quality furniture, satellite TV, kitchen appliances, crockery, and modern sanitary facilities - you only need to arrive yourself and can immediately enjoy everything.

Also in the high season friends of loneliness find their place on Mallorca. Silently ospreys circle over the mountain top and in the spring sun blossoming trees stand out from the bright blue sky.

Pictures from Mallorca are colorful and rich in contrast like the whole island. Sun, sand and sea belong to the basic needs of most holiday guests. With more than 180 beaches, the coastline meets this wish, and the best thing is: you can choose the most beautiful!

The waters around the island are among the cleanest in the Mediterranean. The water shimmers in all shades of blue/green on most of the bays on the east coast. Many of them have already been repeatedly awarded the blue environmental flag. And : according to a law of 1998, a new hotel may only be built if another has been closed or demolished.

A short walk is often enough to relax. Many holidaymakers are astonished, because not a soul can be seen.

Crystal clear water splashes under bamboo groves and colourful dragonflies dance in the sunlight. The overwhelming scent of countless lemon and orange blossoms is like a symphony for the senses.

The islanders are characterized by hospitality and restraint, according to the motto: "Live and let live". Interfering in personal matters is considered rude.
Mallorca - that is the "island around the corner" and the destination of sun-hungry holidaymakers. It is an island with jagged mountains, romantic bays, dreamy villages and fertile plains, which already unfold their magic in the fading winter to the almond blossom. Mallorca is also the impressive metropolis of Palma with the incomparable La Seo, its "Cathedral of Light", where visitors are lost in its shadow in quiet alleys and green squares. Palma de Mallorca alone is worth visiting this beautiful island with its
numerous places of interest.


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